Awning Manufacturer’s Door: “Just a shade better.”

Camouflage Store: “Wise guise.”

Chicken Incubator: “Cheepers By The Dozen”

Dormitory Bathtub: “Don’t forget your ring!”

Elevator Door: “This elevator is out of whack… more whack is on order.”

Midget’s Summer House: “TOO LODGE”

Minister’s Bills: “Due unto others.”

Operating Room Entrance: “May I Cut In?”

Restaurant #4: “Our tongue sandwiches speak for themselves.”

Restaurant Menu (Texas): “Remember the à la mode!”

Scuba Diving Store: “We carry a complete line of under ware.”

Shoe Shine Stand: “One shoe shined absolutely free.”

Sports Car: “The Keys Are on the Seat Next to the Doberman.”

Tailor Shop (Kowloon): “Customers giving orders will be swiftly executed.”

Towing Company #1: “Call us at any hour. We’re always on our tows.”

Truck (on right rear): “Pass on the right for that off-the-shoulder look.”

Venetian Blind Dealer’s Car: “Watch Out! Blind Man Driving!”

Waterbed Shop: “Your vinyl resting place.”

Weight-reduction Store: “A word to the wides is sufficient.” and “Stop! Look! Lessen!”

Wrestling Gym: “Our sport gets a hold on you.”

Wrigley Factory: “Gum in.”


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