Camping in Yellowstone

A group of Czechoslovakian tourists were camping in Yellowstone
National Park. While the others set up tents, a few went to gather
firewood. There were plenty of fallen branches, and they soon found
their arms full. As they were heading back to the campsite, a large
bear jumped out at them. It swallowed one of the men whole and ran off.
Distraught, his friends found a park ranger and told him what happened.
The ranger agreed to help find their friend. After a short search, they
found two bears sleeping close to the campsite. The ranger asked the
men which one attacked their friend. Unfortunately, they didn’t know.
The ranger studied the bears. After a moment, he pointed at the male
bear. “That’s the one that ate your friend.” Then, he pulled out a
knife and cut the bear open. Of course, the missing tourist wasn’t
The moral of the story: Don’t believe anyone who says the Czech is in
the male!


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