Halloween Jokes

This just in from Thelly the Story Lady in Cardiff by the Sea – She just had knee replacement surgery.

You know you are too old to Trick or Treat when:

10. You get winded from
knocking on the door.

9.  You have to have another kid
chew the candy for you.

8.  You ask for high
fiber candy only.

7.  When someone drops a candy
 in your bag, you lose your Balance and fall over.

6.  People say: “Great
Boris Karloff Mask,”
And you’re not wearing a mask.

5.  When the door opens you yell,
“Trick or .”And can’t remember the rest.

4.  By the end of the night, you
have a bag full of restraining orders.

3.  You have to carefully choose a costume that won’t dislodge your hairpiece.

2.  You’re the only Power Ranger
in the neighborhood with a walker.

And the number one reason
Seniors should not go Trick Or Treating…



1.  You keep having
to go home to pee.

No matter, have a ‘HAPPY
HALLOWEEN” anyway.

Guess I’m the only Trick or Treater in the neighborhood with a walker…but it’s getting me from here to there until my new knee gets better…whenever that is!


Thelly, the Storylady, Cardiff by the Sea
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2 Responses

  1. ahaha. i hope i won’t be able to relate to any of these any time soon although i do have a small bladder.

  2. small blader ma maw

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