Easter Jokes

Easter Jokes

Easter Is Here

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Where do Easter Bunnies go for new tails?
To the “retail store”.

What happened to the egg when he was tickled too much?
He cracked up.

Why couldn’t the eggs go out on a hot summer day?
They were afraid they would fry!

What did the egg say to the clown?
You crack me up!

What part did the egg play in the movies?
He was an “egg-stra.

How did the eggs leave the highway?
They went through the eggs-it.

What did the eggs do when the light turned green?
They egg-cellerated.

Why couldn’t the egg family watch T.V.?
Because their cable was scrambled.

What did the mommy egg say to the baby egg?
You’re egg-stra special.

What’s red, pink and blue with yellow all over?
An Easter egg rolling down the hill.

Why won’t eggs go out at night?
They don’t want to get beat up.

Why did the egg go to school?
To get egg-u-cated.

Why wouldn’t the egg take a hot bath?
He didn’t want to be hard boiled.

How do eggs stay healthy?
They egg-cercize.

What kind of jokes do eggs tell?
Egg yolks!

What do you call an egg from outer space?
An egg-stra terrestial.

What day does an egg hate the most?

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