Funny Quotes – Insults

I treasure every moment that I do not see her.
– Oscar Levant

Bill Austin


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  1. What am I supposed to write about? Well i have a funny joke for u. a child logged on 2 the internet and saw a picture of cans of coke. the child liked coke but couldnt drink it. he called his dad and the father said, “well i guess ill hav 2 giv u sum.” they got sum coke and the mom came in and started 2 shout at da child. he went and showed her wat he saw, but it wasnt there. the child and the father had imagined the picture. i cant think of anything else. i hope my email will not be shown or my name!!!!!

  2. i no my joke aint funny but its lame!!!!!!!!! wat am i suppposed 2 do now???

  3. that is plan out comedy and it real is like my life

  4. Don’t you feel ashamed taking my time while i read your stupid joke???

  5. I Don’t get it!

  6. I have a joke. Ok. What does D.A.M stand for?

    Mothers Against Dyslexia!!!


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  11. hahahaha

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