Animals in Heaven?

Are there Animals in Heaven?

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Little John was bothered with a question that he had to ask his Sunday School teacher.

“Miss Davis, are there any animals in heaven?”

“I’m not sure Johnny, answered the teacher, The Bible doesn’t say anything about animals in heaven.”

“Oh, there’s got to be animals in heaven”, insisted Johnny

“What makes you think so?” says the teacher

“Well….every time there’s a thunderstorm, my father says it’s raining cats and dogs!”

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  3. Funny, but seriously, do you think so? I mean why not? If there really is a heaven but at the same time we really did evolve, will other animals someday reach a state where they are “eligible” for heaven?

  4. Is there beer in Heaven?

  5. Sigh!

    How’s this one:

    Sunday School Teacher: Who knows where God is?

    Jim: I know, I know! God is in my bathroom!

    Sunday School Teacher: What??? Why do you say that?

    Jim: Well, every morning, my dad wakes up, bangs on the bathroom door and shouts “Oh my God, are you still in there?!”

  6. That is excellent Scott. Exactly in keeping with the tone and spirit around here.

  7. Lol..x

  8. I like the idea of a funny jokes site. I’ll be back. Thanks!

    I write stories which are often amusing rather than funny, a smile rather than a belly laugh or a groan. Try them!

    love Tessa

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  10. A less politically correct one, but one I like:

    A Catholic school teacher was asking her students what they want to be when they grow up.

    “I want to be a fireman!” said John.

    “Oh, very good John. Community service for the Lord!” the teacher praised.

    “I want to be a nurse!” said Jane.

    “Excellent! You can be a healer just like Jesus was!” the teacher cooed.

    Then little Mary stood up and said: “I want to be a prostitute!”

    At this, the teacher fainted on the spot. After a while, she regained her senses. She marched right up to Mary and demanded: “WHAT.. DID YOU JUST SAY?”

    “I said, I want to be a prostitute!” replied Mary.

    “Oh, thank heavens! For a moment, I thought you said you want to be a Protestant!”

  11. Joke of the Day Scott, Joke of the Day


  12. three indian fellas are stood at a bus stop talking,the first one says”it is wum, w.u.m.,wum” the second one says”no, no, my friend it is wumba w.u.m.b.a. ,wumba” the third one pipes up ” i am telling you, it is woom, w.o.o.m., woom”. Just then an elderly lady on hearing the heated discussion says”gentlemen, i am sorry but you are all wrong, it is womb,w.o.m.b., womb” she smiles sweetly. Then the first fellow turns to her and says”with the greatest of respect lady, have you ever heard an Elephant fart?”

  13. Haha! Honestly, I got tickled when I read this joke. Haha, funny, shallow me.

    Well anyway, to the owner of this blog, I must say that you’ve done a very good job. Your blog is indeed a powerhouse of jokes, and with that, I will for sure love it in no time!

    To all who are reading the posts of this blog, please show some love through posting comments. The owner deserves it!

  14. this joke is whack

  15. Excellent post.Keep up the smashing work,You should definitely have to keep updating your site

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