Dumb Jokes – Dumb Kids Dumb Parents

Funny Jokes – Dumb Jokes

There were these two professors arguing over which one had the dumber child. Each professor thought his was the bigger idiot. The first professor yells “There is no way that your son is dumber. My son has to be THE stupidest kid on Earth.”

The second professor says “No way, Jose. My son is the bigger idiot.”

The first professor says “Let me prove it to you. Hey Jake! (Jake runs to his father) I don’t know if I left myself at the office or not. Would you run there and find out. If I’m there then tell me to come home and eat dinner.”

The son says, gleefully, “Sure dad” and runs off.

The second professor, not to be outdone says “Oh Yea! Watch this! Hey Sam! Come here! (Sam runs to his father) Here are two pennies. With one penny buy a car and the other buy a microwave.”

Sam says “OK.” and leaves. The professors keep arguing.

Jay and Sam meet in the street. And they start arguing which one has the dumber father. Jay says, “Well listen. My father told me to find out if he is at the office or not. Well all he had to do was to call the office and find out himself. Two minutes and he would be done.
That is stupid if I’ve ever heard it.”

Sam says “Well that is nothing. My dad told me to buy a car with one penny and a microwave with the other. But he didn’t tell me which penny was for the car and which one is for the microwave.”



15 Responses

  1. haha thats funny my name is sam, haha i don’t think i’m THAT dumb tho =] haha

  2. hahaaaaaaaa šŸ˜†

  3. lol that was cute.

  4. lolz dats funny ahahahahaha

  5. That wasn’t very funny at all…

  6. Son: Mommy, Mommy, why do I keep going ’round in circles?

    Mommy: Shut up, or I’ll nail your other foot to the floor!

  7. haha that was pretty funny my bfs name is sam but hes not dumb. Haha

  8. lol that was so funny my bro’s name is SAM and he’s not stupid

  9. LoL!!!!!!!!!!! U STOLE MY JOKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ha ha ha that is halarious!stupid people man !stupid!lol

  11. Ha ha ha thats so funny

  12. lmfaoo thats awesome i love it šŸ™‚

  13. i think that joke was so FUNNY…………..NOT…….SO LIKE LAME!

  14. hahaha thats funny I’m laughing on the inside.

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