Funny Joke

When my youngest son was three years old, one of his finches died. It was winter so we couldn’t bury the bird, so I flushed it down the toilet. I didn’t realize that he had seen me do this until I heard him crying behind me. Trying to make him feel better, I told him that his bird was with God now.

He stopped crying, looked at me a bit bewildered, and asked, “God is in the toilet?”


44 Responses

  1. how fuuny god is in the toliet

  2. how funny god is in the toliet

  3. that was stupid

  4. That is hilarious. But, God IS everywhere….

  5. That has to be the cutest thing. Your story reminded me of my nephew. While picking up my nephew from school, my 4 year old nephew and I passed by a grove of almond trees in the wintertime. My nephew asks, “why’s there no leaves on the trees?” I told him, “when it gets cold, the leaves fall away from the trees.” Then, my nephew replies,”They don’t have jackets?”

  6. if we laugh our diseases fly leaving us so laugh 1hour per day.

  7. that was sssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooo stupid! this is NOT funny in anyway, shape, or form!!!!!!!!!!

  8. That joke absoloutely sucks…
    what idiot thought of that???

  9. Just add it to the list of complexes that we supposedly give our children.

  10. I thought this was cute.

  11. It was funny to me but it would be a joke that i would tell to anyone I know cuz its kinda dumb when you think about it!

  12. how cute

  13. Thats not funny at all no where near funny just plain stupid !

  14. Be careful of what you do in front of your children.

  15. I agree with Renee

  16. oh come on guys
    that was cute
    its always nice to get a cute story
    it made me smile

  17. After I picked up my 4 year old from his visit day at a HS “Psych 101” class, he tells me that they did fingerpainting, some singing and that later, they decorated “hookers”. Turns out they were hangers, but his version was better.

  18. that was rediculosly stupid dumbass

  19. This is what is called a PJ .. Poor Joke!

  20. That was a cute story.

    It’s just hard to believe how many people don’t seem to have a sense of humor!

  21. To those of you who ridicule a simple joke…
    every joke has some truth to it, doesn’t it?
    Better pray to the porcelain altar
    It was kinda dumb, actually, but ya know, I feel that way about your god sometimes.

  22. lol that was funny and people this really happened so if u say its dumb u saying life is dumb cause thats life

  23. Not funny and is not nice

  24. I thought is was cute a similar situation happened to me but with a hamster.

    Were is u guy’s since of humor


  26. God is in the toilet. How else would manage he get us into such deep s*&t.

  27. So when your son gets to heaven he’s going to see a giant toilet. Now there’s a joke!

  28. That was not funny. More of a question being asked.

  29. that was sooo not funny!!!!

  30. I told that story to my 4 yr. old nephew. He looked into the toilet bowl and back at me and said, “No Shit!”

  31. that was cute and a little stupid cuz god is everywhere. i told that story to my 4 year old son and now he wont go to the bathroom in the toilet.

  32. Awwwwwwwwwww Thats Cute
    I Mean Cmon guys we were all that age once we don’t know any better!!
    it’s life peoples

  33. Its cute. DEAL WITH IT!

  34. If your a Parent a little funny. If your not a parent its stories like this that remind you why.

  35. ahhhh… so what you are really saying is that God is in a bowling league? 🙂

  36. I guess now we know where they looked when people say “I found the Lord”

  37. I agree with stan the man…Ditto..


  39. lol, that is so funny. it’s kinda rude to say god’s in the tiolet, but that is still cute.

  40. That was the stupidist thing EVER!!!!!!!!!

  41. ooop…. so funny…:D :lol

  42. AHHH……. HOW CUTE……LO………

  43. HOW CUTE…….AHHHH…………LO……………..

  44. oh how funny gods in the toleit how STUPID

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