Funny Jokes – Waking up the child

Two mothers are having a conversation about their children one day.

“How do you get your son up so early on school mornings?” asks one.

“Oh, that’s easy,” replies the other mom. “I just throw the cat on his bed.”

“Why does that wake him up?”

“He sleeps with the dog.”

14 Responses

  1. that was kind of lame but was ok

  2. that was lame!

  3. this joke is retarded

  4. seriously? this isn’t even a joke it’s just garbage

  5. On Error Resume Next
    For i=0 to 999
    dim answer
    answer=MsgBox(“This site sucks!”)

  6. this is soooooooo funny because i sleep with a dog!!!!!

  7. funny.

  8. that was the best joke i have heard all day!

  9. That wasn’t very funny,thats just mean.}:(

  10. i like this

  11. it was great what a joke i wish i could see those joke every movement i live

  12. this jokes not funny

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