Walked Into a Bar

I walked into a bar the other day and ordered a double.

The bartender brings out a guy who looks just like me.

20 Responses

  1. I love these bar jokes more and more everyday! Looking forward to another!

  2. I was the double

  3. qqqqqqqqq

  4. Wow, that was the worst joke I have seen in a long time. This site always has BAD jokes, but that was just amazing. Who is the idiot who put that up on a website thinking it was funny?

  5. Was it a joke??? are we suppose to laugh?

  6. wow like

  7. no…i think you were supposed to say “hahaha…that was stupid!”

  8. I gotta say, as bad a joke as that was (i didn’t even think it was one), its about as good as it gets on this site.

  9. welll…. i think jokelover is rite all the way…

  10. you dn

  11. I like that joke betta than the joke i read!

  12. this joke was dumb… they shouldve said my twin brother or something.. that was a stupid joke

  13. thats a stupid as saying, 3 guys walked into a bar. you think one of em would have seen it. god thats bad;(;(

  14. I totally agree with jokelover. 😦

  15. ok so that’s what happened to me: stop stepping into the future willhelm

  16. A guy walks into a bar.
    A guy walks into another bar.
    You think he would’ve noticed the first one.

  17. I cant belive that this site isnt bankrupt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. i agree with non-fan

  19. HAHA that was so funny that i kept starring at the monitor trying to laugh without reason… sry… worst joke ever… almost

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