At the doctor’s

At the doctor’s

A man decides to take the opportunity, while his wife is away, to paint the toilet seat. The wife comes home sooner than expected, sits, and gets the seat stuck to her rear. She is distraught about this and asks her husband to drive her to the doctor. She puts on a large overcoat and they go.

When they get to the doctor’s, the man lifts his wife’s coat to show their predicament. The man asks, “Doctor, have you ever seen anything like this before?”

“Well yes,” the doctor replies, “but not framed.”


5 Responses

  1. that joke was funny but is this story real? If it is how did they remove the seat?

  2. who made up that joke?


  4. “…but not framed” Classic punchline!

    P.S Ally, I hope it’s not a true story!

  5. thats pretty good! šŸ™‚

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