Funny Jokes – Spelling

Spelling – Funny Jokes

My son was asked by his teacher to spell the word “straight,”

He did so without error.

“Excellent,” said the teacher, “now, what does it mean?”

“Without water, according to my Uncle Ed, He replied.”

Teaching Spelling


13 Responses

  1. soooooo lame

  2. i don’t get it??

  3. If I understood, I’d tell you what I think of it.

  4. Worst blasted joke ever! I tell better ones and I don’t tell jokes at all 😉

  5. Ahahahahaha cute xDD

    You spelled “asked” wrong, though.


  7. that joke is the lamest joke ever you can do better than that. hear this one
    what do you call a guy that can’t tell jokes? thde guy that can’t wright this one

  8. not funny Mr j

  9. I don’t get it…….

  10. A drink without water such as vodka, bourbon,with no water or ice is called “straight”

  11. bob, It’s Mrs J. TYVM.

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