Halloween Definitions

Halloween Definitions

What you do when you get a piece of
popcorn stuck in your throat.

Hot dog and a mug of beer.

Full moon:
What your repairman reveals when
he bends over to fix your fridge.

How you eat the snickers bars
you got for Halloween.

Guy who passes time at a
stoplight picking his nose.

Invisible Man:
What a guy becomes when there’s housework
to be done. Also, see Mr. Hyde.

Jack O’ Lantern:
An Irish Pumpkin.

Jack the Ripper:
What Jack does to his lottery tickets
after losing each week.

Who kisses the boo-boo after
you scrape your knee.

Pumpkin Patch:
What a pumpkin wears when
trying to quit smoking.

Any supermodel.

Vampire Bat:
What Dracula hits a baseball with.

What you look like before that
first cup of morning coffee.

One Response

  1. Lol that FOOOOOOOOOOOONY …. okay not /that/ funny, but it still got me to laugh xD

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