Words That Don’t Exist

Words That Don’t Exist

…But Should

Words That Don’t Exist

Ramdumbtious – Cross between being rowdy and not too bright.

Randumb – A foot chase gone bad.

Rawsome – The awesome health benefits of eating raw foods.

Rawtarian – A person that eats only raw foods.

Realicious – Really delicious.

Recomember – Recall, retain in the mind.

Refunable – Something you enjoyed so much you’d do it again.

Re-mail – An e-mail that has probably already made the rounds

once, but you think it is worth a second look.

Rememberize – Remembering and memorizing.

Repettyettyettyettyettyettitive – When you repeat something so

much that you can’t stop.

Richpublican – A Republican candidate for office.

Roomatism – Desk clerk malady.

Rowdeo – A canoe paddling competition.

Rundezvous – Running late for a meeting.


4 Responses

  1. One word I came up with many years ago, and is used still within the family….

    intertwingle……a mixture of intertwine, and intermingle

  2. All it takes to make them exist is to use them.

    The dictionary is a reference, not an ordinance.

  3. wow… What’s really funny is somebody read this and said “Wait. That’s not a real word?!” Yeah school systems!!!

  4. I made up a word.
    How you feel after eating lots of sweets!

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