Truth and the Fisherman

Fishermen and the Truth

A fisherman got such a reputation for stretching the truth that he bought a pair of scales and insisted on weighing every fish he caught in front of a witness.

All went well until, one day a doctor borrowed the scales to weigh a newborn baby. The baby weighed forty-seven pounds!

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9 Responses

  1. awful

  2. This website never fails to disappoint me with these horrible jokes. Are 4 year olds submitting these or what?

  3. This is cute.


  5. Stupid. Not funny.

  6. i should’ve not read it… Try to post it in a kindergarten school.

  7. this is beyond awful it is something a fully retarded person would concider a joke! in fact it is funny hoh bad it is!

  8. Dumb

  9. How many lbs does a newborn normally weigh? I know in kilos but not in lbs.

    If you don’t get the joke, the scales were modified to show a heavier weight, to make the fisherman look like he made more impressive catches than he actually did.

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