Funny Joke

Long ago there was a kingdom where the King wore a brightly
colored vest instead of a crown. The vest was adorned with all
different colors of berries to make it beautiful.

Maintaining this vest was difficult because it needed freshening
daily. In order to do this, his people would go into the mountains
with big nets. They would throw the nets over the berry bushes,
and snare the fresh berries for the King.

The people valued and honored this vest as the symbol of the
throne. And so it was a tragedy when one day the colors on the
King’s vest were fading badly. The people were asked to bring in
fresh berries, but there were none to be had.

The King looked very bad, so much so that he so he issued this
proclamation … “A reward will be paid for those who snare enough
to mend the berry vest.”


48 Responses

  1. Umm. Ok? That made no sense

  2. I dont get it.

  3. awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That was the worst joke! It wasn’t funny at all!! Whoever wrote this must have been bored, and wanted to be stupid or something….. You are wasting your time to read it! GET A LIFE.

  5. By the way, I was expecting a good laugh…..

  6. i dont get it at all

  7. I don’t get this joke at all, anyone have any ideas what is so funny about this?


  9. This is effing retarded

  10. I don’t get this at all

  11. huh? i dont get it… this is dumb

  12. Not funny.

  13. is the bit “they who snare the most to fix the berry vest”supposed to bee those who care the most to fix it?!?

  14. It’s more like a story!!

  15. stupid joke and u should watse ur time reading it! cuz it ain’t funny\

  16. What is with some people? If reader does not understand what he reads, the material is “retarded”? That kind of backwards thinking got BO elected.

    For all my people with language skills undeveloped since 6th grade:
    “…for those who care enough to send the very best.”

    It’s a good joke. Not a great joke, but a good one. Clue in and stop projecting you own limitations on others.

  17. “… for those who snare enough to mend the berry vest.”

    “… for those who care enough to send the very best.”

    I like this one:

  18. It made me think …how dare you! Thumbs down.

  19. What? Makes no sense, is it supposed to be some kind of sexual innuendo? Doesn’t make sense.

  20. What a stupid joke…

  21. FAIL !

  22. I get it! It’s a Halmark employee that was just laid off and now wants some payback by making everyone read his stupid joke so no one will “care enough to send the very best”.

  23. Am I supposed to laugh or what?

  24. I think it’s funny!

  25. For those who dont get it – This is one of those jokes that makes fun of a common saying. I believe the saying they are making fun of is

    “Those who care enough to send the very best.”

  26. Like all of you I thought this was a bad joke, but I think the point is who can mend the Berry Vest as opposed to who can mend the Very Best. Yes…very horrible..

  27. this is such a stupid joke wayyyyyyy to many big words! wasnt funny. Whoever wrote this should never post a joke on the internet ever again!

  28. is it supposed to be some sorta pun on “for those who care to send the very best?”

  29. Uh…haha?

  30. STUPID it made no sense whatsoever.

  31. what was the whole point of that ? boring !!!!!!

  32. Did he wanted someone to care enough to send the very best? or snare enough to mend the berry vest?

  33. for those who care enough to send the very best…..hallmark catchphrase


  35. I think it’s part spoonerism/word-play: the “berry vest” is “the very best”; so it could be “… who care enough to send the very best.” Which may be a common phrase in someone’s book. I don’t know.

  36. i dont get it

  37. Maybe the joke is on us

  38. Even if i didn`t understood the joke. I still like the descrption and how obssured all thIs monarchy works.

    Its even funny…
    “how people USED to live to make the life of the richiest , esier” (SARCASTIC)

  39. I don’t understand why no one gets it, the joke is quite obvious…

  40. Young Whippersnappers, “when you care enough to send the very best” is Hallmark’s tag line. Where the author failed was in assuming you people would know this tag line. If you knew the line, you got the play on words and laughed.

  41. i totally get it! It is only for smart people!

  42. Funny or not…it made it to HAWT POST!

  43. Not exactly Lenny Bruce, but it wasn’t trying to be. Love the idiots who don’t get the whole Hallmark/Spoonerism thing. Cute joke.

    It doesn’t have to be “The Aristocrats” to elicit a smile.

    And to paul on comment 16…nonono, it was that Kind of thinking that got millions to vote for the McFailin ticket.


  44. You’re spot on, Jonathan! 🙂 I thought so, too i.e. a play of words “berry vest” and “very best”… Grade 4 to 6 school students would ‘ve got the joke (back in the 50s and 60s good old school days!). In today’s age, teachers should stick to the Simpson’s kinda jokes, I guess. Hahahahehehe 😉

  45. Groan.

  46. I think this was a nice joke. Yes, it was a little on the dumb jokes your dad tells, but it is entertaining. I liked it. I also agree with comment #16 +17 just because you don’t get it doesn’t mean it’s stupid, it means your stupid, ignorant, or missed something.

    And to go back on everything I just said, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

  47. This joke is terrible, the fact that so many people didn’t get it shows that its terrible. If you want to hear good jokes that are a play on words watch “a bit of fry and laurie”, their comedy is genius, this is not.

  48. I agree with Paul!

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