Chemistry Joke – A Visual Organic Chemistry Joke

Chemistry Jokes

Chemistry Jokes

Ortho – docs Para – Docs Meta docs ?  no – Meta Physicians.

Orthodox Paradox Metaphysicians

Explanation:  We learn in Organic Chemistry while studying the chemistry of Benzene that the adjacent position on the six carbon ring is called the Ortho position, the position separated by one carbon atom is the Meta position and the position separated by two carbon atoms is called the Para position.

The proper name for the first compound shown above would more properly be something like Ortho di-DOCyl Benzene but when shown to a sophomore Chemistry student, is easily recognized as Ortho – DOCS (hence Orthodox.)  The second structure Para di-DOCyl Benzene is Para – DOCS (hence Paradox.)  Most students guess at the third structure being Meta DOCS (hence Meta physicians.)


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