Funny Joke

Even though I’m well into my 30’s I still stop by my parents’
house to mow their lawn. One afternoon the young kid next
door was cutting his grass at the same time.

“It’s punishment for skipping a day of school,” he explained.
“But why are you still doing your folks’ yard?”  “Because I once cut a class when I was your age,” I said, trying to keep a straight face.

I’m told he’s had perfect attendance ever since.


14 Responses

  1. You need to work on your ability to explain why this should be funny to anyone

  2. girl r cute and sexy

  3. That’s kinda funny but yet that’s how most kids are.

  4. HA! Like anyone would fall for that now a days…
    but it’s still funny all the same.

  5. Hahaha,

    Very cool

  6. LOL “Laugh Out Loud)

  7. That is truly hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

  8. My dad is a boisterous, bearded, rough around the edges kind of guy. He wears oil stained old jeans, plaid shirts and suspenders. Once, he was standing outside while some kids were walking home from school. He noticed one little boy staring at him and gruffly asked, “Hey kid, ya wanna be like me when you grow up?” The little boy could not even answer but could only shake his head. My dad narrowed his eyes and gave the boy a steely glare and then said, “Then stay in school and don’t drop out!” The kid ran.

    Your joke was funny and reminded me of my dad. 🙂

  9. wow that is such a FUNNY joke

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  11. I like the joke, it teaches kids not to skip classes.

  12. that was gay

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