Funny Joke

For several years my husband and I have made a conscientious
effort to get our family to eat more healthful foods at meals and
for snacks. The children often express their discontent with this.

One afternoon I returned from grocery shopping and our 17 year old
son started to unpack the bags. “Oh, no!” he exclaimed, pulling
out paper towels in a new earth-tone shade. “Whole-wheat towels!”


6 Responses

  1. you suck. you make me click on the link for this shit joke? its not even a joke, its an observation. This belongs in a book, not on a joke website.

  2. Sounds like me!!!

  3. I thought this was supposed to be a funny jokes site. Where are they? If the above is anything to go by, I think this site should be retitled “Strange observations”

  4. Jim Obvious ain’t all that bright – who made him click?

    Good joke – thanks, guys!

  5. Echo has herpees.

  6. I don’t know what the problem is with all of you people. I think this was funny. If you had been there and heard this, I’m sure you would have laughed. If not, maybe YOUR sense of humor was off. IT WAS YOU WHO CAME TO THIS “SHITTY” WEBSITE IN THE FIRST PLACE, How can you blame this site for wasting you time? If you leave a comment to the affect of, this joke wasted my time, you my friend are an asshole.

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