Funny Joke

Getting Rid of Pests

Sue’s husband now works as a service technician for a large exterminating company.  One of the rules for that company is the tech has  to confirm each appointment by phone the night before his service call to that household.

One evening he made such a call, and when a man answered the phone, he said, “Hi, this is Gary from All Gone Pest Control Company. Your wife phoned us.”

There was a momentary silence, and then my husband heard the man on the other end say, “Honey, it’s for you. Someone wants to talk to you about your relatives.”


8 Responses

  1. this sucks, this whole website sucks, there is never anything funny

  2. The pets are the woman’s relatives because they live with her.LOL

  3. then why do you still come to this site and read the jokes? you are truley an idiot. you must have voted for Blobama

  4. PESTS, dumbass. and no, that was not funny.

  5. I agree with babagnaush, most of the “jokes” are not actually jokes but rather dull conversations you would find in some crappy book a woman would read. I HATE that I have to click on the link in iGoogle to look at this crap crap website just because they want ad revenue. If your joke was good, we would want to click on your link anyway.

  6. lousy!!

  7. No no no, the pests are the womans relatives because she too, is one.

  8. LOL…this was good 🙂

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