Prescription Drugs Side Effects

Side Effects of Prescription Drugs

Lady says to pharmacist: “Why does my prescription medication have 40 side effects?”

Pharmacist replies: “Because that’s all we’ve documented so far.”


12 Responses

  1. thats not a joke, thats reality

  2. That could be fact or it could be fiction. But it certainly is not a joke.

  3. that many is to much forrrrrrrrrrget it!!!!!!!! no drug is worth that many side effects.

    stupid joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. yyuuuuccckkk.. sooo lame… take it out take it out please

  5. That’s so true! We need to get away from so many drugs and start taking more natural things that actually benefit our bodies!

  6. lame this is so not funny

  7. how many side effects do the “trial” group have to endure before they stop a new drug????????????

  8. Hey you guys. Can’t you take a joke?

  9. sounds like a birth control pill

  10. Hm, so only NATURAL things are good for out bodies huh? Most people have been brought into this world using machines made out of man-made metal. So unnatural can be good for our bodies, too. I found this funny. Plus, jokes cannot be stupid, that is the opinion made of them. So stating that that was a stupid joke is also grammatically incorrect, say I think that joke was not funny.

  11. […] Prescription Drugs Side Effects Side Effects of Prescription Drugs […]

  12. Anonymous you are like the Paula Abdul of this thing. You call EVERY joke funny and tell people off if they make fun of it. The truth is, some of them suck. Deal with it.

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