Funny Courage Joke

#jokes #funny #comedy #humor

A student of philosophy was taking his final written exam at his
university. The assignment for the 5-hour long exam was to write
an essay on the topic, “What is courage?”

The young man sat at his desk and thought for a little while. Finally,
he scribbled something on the piece of paper in front of him, got up,
and turned in the piece of paper.

All he had written was: “This is.”


4 Responses

  1. yo lookin 4 funny u came 2 the right palace ha ha
    who’s there
    interrupting cow wh–

  2. yo, mam’s so fat when she was wearin a yellow rain-cote, people shouted taxi!!! oooooooooooooooo

  3. yo mamas so fat, she sat on a nintendo gamecube and it turned into a gameboy

  4. I love it. That is a great joke.

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