Funny Irish Joke

There now follows a list of inventions. They were the brainchildren of the Kerry Irishman who was history’s unluckiest producer of lemonade. Over the years he came up with 4-up, 5-up, 6-up and then stopped! And if that isn’t bad enough, look at other things he produced:

An inflatable dartboard

A chocolate kettle

A soluble life-raft

A self-righting aspirin

A solar-powered torch

Funny Jokes

21 Responses

  1. Completly Stupid, quit sending stupid stuff and get good ones and quit wasting my time.

  2. A solar-powered torch actually exists now… (electrical and with rechargeable batteries, of course)

  3. calm down—embrace peace, harmony, and joy—don’t allow such a mundane thing as a crappy supposed joke upset you so

  4. These are always the stupidest and frankly, the lamest jokes. I’m not wasting my time any more.

  5. i agree

  6. this is the most dummest joke i have ever read

  7. Well, that is pretty bland. Was there some story leading up to this that maybe you forgot to share?

  8. […] Funny Irish Joke There now follows a list of inventions. They were the brainchildren of the Kerry Irishman who was history’s […] […]

  9. Did a 2 year old make tthis up?

  10. Makes sense. But not funny. What happened?!?!?!?

  11. jokes are funny, it doesnt mean to be stupid.. Well, the message of jokes was “Dont do something that not necessary and wasted. πŸ™‚ smile always. Laughter the best medicine….

  12. Thought it was pretty good keep em coming.

  13. How about Battleships with glass hulls. Saves on expensive steel and, is useful for viewing old Irish Battleships.

  14. Heard about the three gay Irishmen? Henry Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzwilliam and William Fitzhenry.

  15. I thought it was pretty good

  16. TO comment #1, WHO CLICKED ON THE LINK, this website didn’t waste you time, THE IDIOT USING THE MOUSE DID!

  17. He is doing one thing right, however! Everyone comes to see what he has came up with this time!

  18. Ian in hamburg now that is funny!

  19. What’s wrong with u people?
    That joke is Funny!
    I absolutly love It!

  20. thats…bizarre

  21. A permeable mug
    An electrically-powered bath-plug removing robot
    Traffic lights with no colour filters
    A dress saying ‘Boys rule-girls drool’

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