Real Estate Jokes

This blog is called Funny Jokes and I post funny jokes, stupid jokes and silly jokes from time to time.

I was looking at source material from our long running Funny Jokes Mailing List and came across a few real estate related jokes and decided that perhaps they would be appreciated here … and perhaps not.

Communication styles

How do mathematicians communicate?
Sine language.

How do chiropractors communicate?
Spine language.

How do astrologers communicate?
Star Sign language.

How do naval cadets communicate?
Ensign language.

How do shoe repairmen communicate?
Shine language.

How do real estate closers communicate?
Sign Here and Sign Here and Sign Here and Sign Here and sign… language.

I will try posting a few and if you hate them, please let me know, if you love them, please let me know.

I can’t tell you whether discouraging me or encouraging me will cause me to continue but time will tell.

Thank you,

Bill Austin


6 Responses

  1. Loved your jokes please continue them we all need 2 laugh more.

  2. I consider those funny. Which is rare…usually list jokes are boring or dumb.

  3. I love this. pls carry on..

  4. stupid

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