Funny Joke

One day, a very famous mathematician and his wife were trying to
move a large table from their living room into their dining room.
But, try as they might, they couldn’t get it through the door.

They struggled and struggled and just couldn’t do it.  Finally,
exhausted and frustrated, the mathematician sat down and did a
mathematical derivation to prove that the table couldn’t be gotten
through the door.

Meanwhile, as he was doing that, his wife took the table through
the door.

10 Responses

  1. I didn’t find that at all amuzing.

  2. Um, worst joke ever?

  3. not even a little funny

  4. Uum, Fail.

  5. What? This is just stupid.

  6. I thought these were suppose to be funny? I don’t get it.

  7. That’s stupid. I don’t get it .

  8. I totally agree. Stupid joke.

  9. ausome


  10. wow. i feel like that could have been a good joke but the person just felt like hating on mathmaticians

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