Funny One Liner Jokes


There’s room for all God’s creatures. Right next to the
mashed potatoes.

There’s always at least one bolt on anything that’s adjustable.
and it fits whatever size wrench you don’t have.

Folks who claim to want respect, honesty and decency but don’t
sign their letters to the editor make me wonder who’s being
honest, decent and showing respect.

If vegetarians love animals so much, why do they eat all their food?

I surf the real world.

Some people are wise, and some, otherwise.

This is no ordinary silly grin on my face, it’s an educated one.


9 Responses

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  2. Jokes?

    Looks like one of those ‘Auto Blogs’ to me.

  3. YOUR Jokes Suckk Im Trying To Write A reprot on Laughter And YOURS SUCKK!

  4. An auto blog would probably be about cars, right? There are not very many car jokes here.

  5. yo ur jokes suck so take dem off ight

  6. I just love the jokes. I need them… to unwind.Thanks

  7. ahaaaaaaa. no get some new jokes

  8. I like the jokes… However i am 50% crazy jk lol

  9. Bob couldn’t believe it — he’d made it to the last round of his favorite game show. “Congratulations, Bob,” said the emcee. “Answer correctly and you go home with five million dollars!
    “This is a two-part question on American history,” he continued. “The second half of the question is always easier. Which part would you like first?”
    Bob figured he’d play it safe. “I think I’ll try the second part of the question first.”
    The emcee nodded approvingly, while the audience was silent with anticipation.
    “Okay, Bob, here is your question: And in what year did it happen?”

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