Funny Joke

Eight Iron

Off the seventh tee, Joe sliced his shot deep into a wooded ravine. He took his eight iron and clambered down the embankment in search of his lost ball.

After many long minutes of hacking at the underbrush, he spotted something glistening in the leaves. As he drew nearer, he discovered that it was an eight iron in hands of a skeleton!

Joe immediately called out to his friend, “Jack, I’ve got trouble down here!”

“What’s the matter?” Jack asked from the edge of the ravine.

“Bring me my wedge,” Joe shouted. “You can’t get out of here with an eight iron!”


5 Responses

  1. hi i am jess

  2. hey your friend asks me will i go out with him and i reply and said i dont date a boy and a girl get fixed????????????????????????????

  3. I don’t know who comes up with the jokes on this site, but you need to print new ones. I’m sure thats not a very easy task when everyone is looking to read a new joke every day, just the best yiu can and thats all anyone can ask for. Have a great day.

  4. yo mamma is so fat she can’t see

  5. hi

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