Funny Monks Joke

Broke Monks

Some monks were running low on funds, but didn’t want to
close up their monastery. After much consideration, they
decided to start selling the flowers they grew. Soon after
opening up shop, business boomed, much to their delight.
They had plenty of cash now for burlap and oatmeal and
everything else good monks need.

Unfortunately, the town already HAD a flower shop. The
disgruntled owner of the rival store tried everything —
having discount sales, spreading slander about the monks,
and even poisoning the monks’ flower beds. Unfortunately,
they’d been blessed and nothing could stop their little

Finally, the rival shop owner sought out a much-rumored-of
man: Hugh. No one knew his last name, just that he got the
job done, no questions asked. After the appropriate amount
of money had changed hands, Hugh went over to the friars’
place, thoroughly beat them silly, and then destroyed their
flower beds. The next day, the monks promptly boarded up the
windows and closed shop permanently, thus proving that Hugh,
and only Hugh, can prevent florist friars.


3 Responses

  1. How is this funny? lol I get it, but it’s a CRAP joke..

  2. That wasn’t funny at all! I got it an all, but it was just dumb!

  3. this joke is very funny

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