Memorial Day – Daily Joke

Some Ways to Simulate Being in the Navy:

Study the owner’s manual for all household appliances. Routinely take an appliance apart and put it back together.

Remove all plants, pictures and decorations. Paint everything gray, white, or the shade of hospital smocks.

Buy 50 cases of toilet paper and lock up all but two rolls. Ensure one of these two rolls is wet all the time.

When making sandwiches, leave the bread out for six days, or until it is hard and stale.

Remind yourself every day: ‘it’s not just a job, it’s an adventure!

Clean your house ’till there’s absolutely not a speck of dust anywhere. Call on a stranger to come inspect your house. Ensure stranger sees dust that has collected in the time it took to find him. Stranger cannot leave until he finds irrational fault with your house/belongings.

One Response

  1. Memorize the phrase “Never Again Volunteer Yourself”. Learn what OBE means and apply it to your daily life. Learn to enjoy coffee made with brackish water.

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