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Topics for Funny Jokes and Humor postings are selected in a somewhat random manner, depending on what topics come accross in e-mails and what people are posting to the Funny Jokes Mailing List.

8 Responses

  1. nice blog really nice content

  2. Nice!

  3. um how do we post our jokes?

  4. You can send them to funny-jokes@yahoogroups.com if you are a member or send to funny-jokes-owner@yahoogroups.com if you don’t want to join.

    Thank you,

  5. I am a school teacher. I am making a learning situation for my English as a second language students. I would like to have permission to use your joke, A Lawyer and a Blonde, in my material. The joke will be credited to your site and the learning situation will be distributed free of charge to other teachers I work with.

    Please let me know if you agree.

    Best regards

  6. Yes, I think that might be an excellent use of that joke.

    It is dry and subtle but quite on target for your audience.

    Thank you,

  7. Hey, I’ve been enjoying your jokes for a long time. Wha’s up? Haven’t had any new ones for months now. Are you ok?

    I had a brain tumor and am healing

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