Funny Apple Pie and Coffee Joke

Apple Pie and Coffee

A man had trouble with his English, so his friend taught him
how to say, “Apple pie and coffee,” so when on the job, he
could order some food at the local restaurant during his
lunch hour. This was fine with our man, and he was grateful
to his friend, but after several months he wanted a little
more variety in his fare. His friend was glad to oblige and
taught him how to say, “Ham and cheese sandwich.”

The man proudly walked into the restaurant the next day and
said to the waitress, “Ham and cheese sandwich.”

To which the waitress responded, “White, whole wheat, or

With shoulders sagging and the smile gone from his face, he
answered back, “Apple pie and coffee.”

Received from Don Shutters.

Cheer-up! Birds have bills and they’re still singing.

5 Responses

  1. This was not funny at all, it was actually sad. What’s funny about someone not being able to get something to eat when there hungry?

  2. Extremely not funny. So much so that they could name a type of cancer after it.

    “I’m sorry, sir, it appears you’ve got apple pie and coffee”

    “Ha ha!”

    “… It’s not really a laughing matter, apple pie and coffee is very serious–the good news is we caught it early.”

  3. I don’t get it?

  4. how dare you disgrace pie with a horible joke

  5. Great joke!

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