Words That Don’t Exist

Words That Don’t Exist

…But Should

Words That Don’t Exist

Ramdumbtious – Cross between being rowdy and not too bright.

Randumb – A foot chase gone bad.

Rawsome – The awesome health benefits of eating raw foods.

Rawtarian – A person that eats only raw foods.

Realicious – Really delicious.

Recomember – Recall, retain in the mind.

Refunable – Something you enjoyed so much you’d do it again.

Re-mail – An e-mail that has probably already made the rounds

once, but you think it is worth a second look.

Rememberize – Remembering and memorizing.

Repettyettyettyettyettyettitive – When you repeat something so

much that you can’t stop.

Richpublican – A Republican candidate for office.

Roomatism – Desk clerk malady.

Rowdeo – A canoe paddling competition.

Rundezvous – Running late for a meeting.